Another great actor has passed away…

Another of my favourite English TV-actors has passed away. This time it’s the unforgettable Edward Hardwicke or as I know him Dr Watson that has left us.

from the Granada series Sherlock (Jeremy Brett) and dr Watson (Edward Hardwicke)

I loved the Granada Sherlock Holmes series with Edward and Jeremy Brett. I used to think it was because it was the one I grew up watching but it’s still by far my favourite. I like the interaction between Edward and Jeremy they seem to me very proud to play these roles and do so very much as I imagined Holmes and Watson. Which is so far from today’s “perfect” people.

I had already thought of rereading the books this summer because I’ve had enough of “modern” mystery books they lack a certain well mystery to me. Ok I do have modern favourite mystery writers like Denise Mina but somehow I always end up with those old fashioned books. I tried to modernise my reading but somehow I always end up reading the old classics anyway. I suspect it might be time for me to realise I am a boring old person that actually like those kind of books and read them with great pleasure.

I think this is an apt time to plan another visit to Baker street 221B it’s some time since I was there last. It might be the cutest and most fun museum I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I heartily recommend it and why not take a stroll down Baker street it’s jolly nice if the weather permits.

The Sherlock Holmes museum  (the museum home page)


Author: skunkpirat

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