New somewhat crazy header

I had to do something creative so I dusted of some of the acquired knowledge about adobes Illustrator to create a very simple but definitely me header. I think that those of you who follow rules will find this utterly wrong, as it is I am a pirate so I don’t listen to rules in that way… Guess they’re actually guidelines..

I am pleased with my header because it reflects the madness within and are as undefined as I am. Though there’s one vital pattern and that is the representation of some of my favourite things (as it should). I can’t abide those none personality default settings for very long (although I must say there’s a lot to chose from with wordpress), sometimes you got to break the pattern and just do something else. I am very much like that so why shouldn’t this journal be just like that?

I write what I want and I create what I want…

Ah well that’s enough creativity for Friday night…


Author: skunkpirat

Current occupation is student in Gothenburg Sweden. At the moment I'm finishing my second thesis. My main subject is Literature, but I have dabbled with other subjects like gender studies, e-book creation and media studies, creative writing. I love to write, it's my dream and my therapy I try to remain actively writing as best I can. Not in any particular genres, just whatever feels interesting. At the moment my Dollhouse Blog based on my Asian Ball Jointed Doll characters takes up most of my blogging time.

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