New loot…from Napalm records

Today I got some new “loot” that I ordered from Napalm records. It was the new Alestorm CD named: ” Back through time” and of course I could not be having the normal version I had to order the one with the Captain Morgan bobblehead figure. I indulged myself this time as Alestorm is Pirate metal which is highly suitable for someone with a persona called Skunkpirat(e).

Alestorm's" Back through time" CD

I also bought the new Alestorm Hood which kicked ass of course. All in all very pleased with my loot.

The new Alestorm Hoodie picture of the front.
The new Alestorm Hoodie picture of the front.

As always Napalm records provide efficient, reasonable priced and personal service. Their clothing is not the most cheap but on the other hand the print on their clothes are top quality so for reasonable money you get good gear which is a hell lot better than most “Gothic stores”. Just the fact that they always seem to write personal notification is something that I cherish, I know their not the big business but still it wins in the long run. Never had any trouble with them and no reason to give anything but good reviews.

Alestorm hoodie details.

Above picture show the details of the hoodie. Left picture is the front which is the same as the CD, right picture is the back which is a most ghostly ship. How can you not love that?

Last but not least I must include a picture of the figure.

Captain Morgan bobblehead.
Captain Morgan bobblhead

This concludes the loot for today anyway…. Who knows what the summer might reveal.

A big CHEERS! to all of you pirates and metal lovers out there I salute thee with Irish ruby water! ( or as it is more commonly known Magners Berry).

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Author: skunkpirat

Current occupation is student in Gothenburg Sweden. At the moment I'm finishing my second thesis. My main subject is Literature, but I have dabbled with other subjects like gender studies, e-book creation and media studies, creative writing. I love to write, it's my dream and my therapy I try to remain actively writing as best I can. Not in any particular genres, just whatever feels interesting. At the moment my Dollhouse Blog based on my Asian Ball Jointed Doll characters takes up most of my blogging time.

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