Happy Birthday AREKU Sweetheart

My beloved do you know how much I have appreciated your care and love? This past year could so easily have torn us apart. I’ve not been easy to be around and to feel that you could see that pain and turn it into mine and our strength, it testifies to what a great person you are.

Me and AREKU paris edit

Many happy returns on your day!

Happy Birthday

More edits and picture gifts

areku edit

Areku live

areku edit

areku edit

Want to get the girl? Play the violin, it always work.

AREKU album cover with violin

My favourites

AREKU heart edit

AREKU france edit

sexy boy

The greatest piece of wisdom there ever was. 

Blue-eyed wisdom

I am sure I want more.

Eternity awaits




Author: skunkpirat

Current occupation is student in Gothenburg Sweden. At the moment I'm finishing my second thesis. My main subject is Literature, but I have dabbled with other subjects like gender studies, e-book creation and media studies, creative writing. I love to write, it's my dream and my therapy I try to remain actively writing as best I can. Not in any particular genres, just whatever feels interesting. At the moment my Dollhouse Blog based on my Asian Ball Jointed Doll characters takes up most of my blogging time.

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