Finland’s 99th Independence Day

Today is the independence celebration of one of my motherlands. I started writing something in her honour, about her part in my life. It’s very free flowing and perhaps not even finished yet. Are we ever truly finished with life? If art is an imitation of life, which one can argued about, then this life is still ongoing and so must the art be.


To Finland


The land of  beauty

You taught me to reflect

To appreciate the wonder of nature

The elegance of trees

And the importance of stories

In the still reflection of water


Also land of contrast

I was never truly Swedish

Nor was I Finnish-Swedish

Fell short of both

Not that you ever cared about my roots

Each is the same


You showed me low-key life

That beauty isn’t what they see

It differs from eye to eye and land to land

Some are quiet and that’s how it is

You told to me the stories

That I still carry with me


An adventure to be on your shore

Even if it’s been a long time now

Even if I lost people

Both over there and when I wasn’t at home

I will always look kindly

Upon your land


Malice has always followed me

Whispered in the ears of my beloved

A punishment for needing the quiet

In your bosom, where no one knew my name

Where I cannot speak the language

I lost myself in longing


Your beauty will always be strange to me

I’m but a traveller for you

Your winds will always calm my mind

When the soil under my feet grows cold

I remind myself of your family warmth

Sweating out all the bad


Not really one thing or the other

You keep escaping me

Entrancing with your sweet memories

Of pastry, sausages and laughs

Eating up the moment

And I stop


You brought me music

Led me on the path you wanted me to take

Showed me what I love

Even when boredom claimed me

One day I will return to your land

With my love, in my hand


Show off your beauty

Your pain and broken history

For the ones dearest at heart

I will tell your stories

Make them dream of wonder as I did

Once upon a time as a kid




My birthday

Many happy returns to me!

It’s that time again. It’s been an emotional year for many reasons, mostly for the better. I just started a course in artistic writing and I’m deadly excited to be back creating again. I want to thank all who have supported me, kept telling me to be creative or just kept my mood up. I’m deeply grateful and every little thing means a lot. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust

I have a special tradition on this my day and that is to watch some Tim Burton films, because he is one of my favourite directors and we share birthday. I usually post his short film Vincent on this day, it’s becoming a thing, for we match well, but also it’s my favourite. This fandom is getting old, first time I remember talking about his movies… Oh yeah, sometime during the early 90’s. Yes, it seems those two years will forever dance together.

I know this by heart 


While on the subject, other Burton Films I enjoy:

Big Fish – Life stories, quirky trees and true love. What’s not to like?

Sleepy Hollow – A traditional tale with a proper gothic feeling.

Corpse Bride – An animation of a Victorian marriage made complicated.

Edward Scissorhands – Still breaks my heart that they just left him alone up there. Not a happy ending.

I haven’t seen Big Eyes yet, I must do that as soon as. I was very fascinated with that art when I was younger. I have thought about why Burton fascinates me so, I found this quote the other day that gives one clue as to why I might feel a connection.

Tim Burton quote

Resonates with my feelings

Another thing that’s becoming a thing now is museum selfies. This one is from yesterday’s school trip to the exhibition Watched! at Hasselblad center in Gothenburg



Thank you all for making this long day even more beautiful with your congratulations, gifts, food, cake and dreams!


Be the reason people you love blossom!


The stillness

Value without currency

Your face

In our reflection


The dark flower

Passion hidden in view

hold it to your breast

let it tick-tock a life away

Close to you

For all I see

Is that dark flower

most precious to me

And a life fulfilled

Happy Birthday AREKU Sweetheart

My beloved do you know how much I have appreciated your care and love? This past year could so easily have torn us apart. I’ve not been easy to be around and to feel that you could see that pain and turn it into mine and our strength, it testifies to what a great person you are.

Me and AREKU paris edit

Many happy returns on your day!

Happy Birthday

More edits and picture gifts

areku edit

Areku live

areku edit

areku edit

Want to get the girl? Play the violin, it always work.

AREKU album cover with violin

My favourites

AREKU heart edit

AREKU france edit

sexy boy

The greatest piece of wisdom there ever was. 

Blue-eyed wisdom

I am sure I want more.

Eternity awaits



The Nine

I haven’t blogged in a long time so let’s restart it with talking about me. Narcissus would be proud! I thought it might be fun to make some kind of lists of things I like. I nicked this idea off social media, the never ending resource of silly yet fun ideas. I’ll list nine things and say something about it. Let’s start by making musical lists. Here goes!

Albums that have formed me in some way

picture of the nine covers


1.      Katatonia – Tonight’s decision (1999)

It’s no secret that Katatonia is one of my favourite bands of all time. To choose one record like this is total agony. However, it has to be this record. It is simple yet artful both in songs, lyrics and cover design. It’s doom and darkness but at the same time raw and brutal as it deals with life. It tells the tale of painful moments that comes from difficult decisions. This for me is Renkse and Nyström at their finest. However Katatonia’s latest live recording named Sanctitude (2015) was equally blissful to listen to, even though none of the Tonight’s Decision songs made the setlist. Tonight’s Decision is one of those albums I use for writing, especially if something needs that edgy and slightly angry rawness.

Fav. song: Had to (leave)

2.      Moonspell – Darkness and Hope (2001)

The title says it all, really. It is my version of perfect gothic feel. It’s murky, bestial anger, vampiric and horror darkness with a pinch of that all-consuming romantic hope. This is the album that got me into Moonspell and I haven’t grown out of them as of yet. The literary influences are always visible in their music. They’re the reason I got back into vampires. I like many of their album concepts, but this is the first real taste of that dark and hopeful gothic that I’ve since become so passionate about.

Fav. song: Darkness and Hope

3.      Suede – Coming Up (1996)

This is probably the easiest album to choose. Yes there are many good Suede albums no question, but there’s only one Coming Up. This is by far the most played record in my collection. Not because it’s the best ever, but because in all of this there are memories and a sense of finally belonging. Hard to put into words how this changed my teenage self. You had to be there. I have loved this album since the very first time I played it. And Suede is one of those bands that have connected me with other people. The album is terribly English and maybe a bit wonderfully trashy. I know every single song and sing them with the intensity of love. This album changed me from not wanting anything in life to becoming someone who actually talked. And I can hardly think of a more deserving band. I have only met them once but that one time meant so much to me. It was in a time of my life when change and confusion was getting too much and the honour of talking music for a while with the extremely charming Mat Osman and Richard Oakes made my life seem less hellish and pointless. It also made me want to learn English again. Simply because they did not make fun of my English, they didn’t even seem to notice there was something wrong with it to begin with. So little, makes such a huge difference, to be seen by someone you’ve looked up to is a pure pleasure and it still keeps the heart warm. Many years since, but I remain extremely grateful for that.

Fav. song: Beautiful Ones

4.      Rammstein – Sehnsucht (1997)

Released on my birthday in 1997. I bought it on a whim because one of my friends liked them and I liked the cover to be honest. This was the beginning of a more industrial period in my musical life. It used to drive my parents insane, but my younger brothers liked it a lot. I mean you really should sing Du Hast in kindergarten, it’s a done thing. Right? The heaviness and sheer filth of this album still gives me the chills.

Fav. song: Engel

5.      Thåström – Kärlek är för dom (2009)

Hard to pick one album with this Swedish artist, his voice has followed me all my life, from his punk/pop band Imperiet and onwards. This album is very neat, simple and clean which makes the lyrics pop out even more, and that really is Thåström’s strong point. He is one of few who write really good Swedish lyrics. This is perhaps more poetry to the tones of music than music with lyrics. That might be why this poetry lover likes it so much.

Fav. song: Kort biografi med litet testamente

6.      Salem – Strings Attached (2005)

Israeli doom/death metal, can it get more interesting? Yes, you can mix it up with classical instruments and have strings attached. Yes, this is a unique style of album. I found Salem back when My Space was a fun place to find new bands. (And I did find so many!) The rather different view of Jewish lore is a good remedy against the otherwise predominant Christian thinking and duality. They are a major reason to why I wish to learn both Yiddish and Hebrew. The anger and remorse that is present in most of their songs seem to echo closely to my own heart. I hope they will carry on and inspire more metal to come from this region of the world. A much needed flip in perspective because like it or not, Israelis regardless of religion, no they are not all Jews, are people too.

Fav. song: Ha’ayara Bo’eret (העיירה בוערת)

7.      Sarah Jezebel Deva – A Sign of Sublime (2010)

At least one lady has to make it to this list on her own. A poorly made joke since there’s no need for any equality quota, as an old Cradle of Filth fan The Deva’s place here is given. This album is brutal yet gentle, a perfect combination for her rich voice. She’s a wicked lady in her own right. She is very much a great inspiration not just because of her somewhat strong and sharp opinions on things, but also because she doesn’t dress things up. You need not be sweet and nice, you can just be brilliant at what you do and that is fine. And she brings that strength into her music.

Fav. song: New Born Failure

8.      Apocalyptica – Shadowmaker (2015)

This is almost a perfect album in my view. And it’s Finnish! Swedish-Finnish descendant as I am this feels close to heart. I did not think they could get much better, but they keep proving me wrong. The songs on this album blew me away, from music arrangements to lyrics, it is a dream. It is so beautiful and serious, a combination that Finns seem to balance very well. This is one of those albums that makes me dream about writing great stories. They bring nature into their music and that is something I very much appreciate.

Fav. song: Hole in My Soul

9. BatAAr – Memoria (2014)

… I simply cannot write about this, sorry, the wound is still open. This represents the expansion in my musical world towards the east once more. It changed me and my view and reminded me of musical paths of the past that I had discarded for some time.

Fav. song: MIST

Bands I’d like to see that I haven’t seen yet

  1. Avalinity
  2. My Dying Bride
  3. Reparture
  4. Salem
  5. Buck-Tick
  6. Luna Sea
  7. Rammstein
  8. Goo Goo Dolls
  9. Dir en Grey

This will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll come back and do some more lists.

Always love and be safe!


New loot…from Napalm records

Today I got some new “loot” that I ordered from Napalm records. It was the new Alestorm CD named: ” Back through time” and of course I could not be having the normal version I had to order the one with the Captain Morgan bobblehead figure. I indulged myself this time as Alestorm is Pirate metal which is highly suitable for someone with a persona called Skunkpirat(e).

Alestorm's" Back through time" CD

I also bought the new Alestorm Hood which kicked ass of course. All in all very pleased with my loot.

The new Alestorm Hoodie picture of the front.
The new Alestorm Hoodie picture of the front.

As always Napalm records provide efficient, reasonable priced and personal service. Their clothing is not the most cheap but on the other hand the print on their clothes are top quality so for reasonable money you get good gear which is a hell lot better than most “Gothic stores”. Just the fact that they always seem to write personal notification is something that I cherish, I know their not the big business but still it wins in the long run. Never had any trouble with them and no reason to give anything but good reviews.

Alestorm hoodie details.

Above picture show the details of the hoodie. Left picture is the front which is the same as the CD, right picture is the back which is a most ghostly ship. How can you not love that?

Last but not least I must include a picture of the figure.

Captain Morgan bobblehead.
Captain Morgan bobblhead

This concludes the loot for today anyway…. Who knows what the summer might reveal.

A big CHEERS! to all of you pirates and metal lovers out there I salute thee with Irish ruby water! ( or as it is more commonly known Magners Berry).

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School’s out for summer..

So this was the last day of school for the summer but it also marks the first year completed, it feels nice.  It has been a good year and I have learnt a lot of things and met new people as it should be really. Perhaps I have surprised myself with good grades but that just adds to the reward at the end.  I have had the best start I could ever ask for now it’s up to me to complete the rest as good as I can. Right now though I’m going to slip into vacation mood because for once I feel like I deserve it.

As much as I had hoped to be only happy for the day I also must continue this documentation of people passing away. This time it’s Roy Skelton that has passed onto the other side. For me he’s known as Daleks, Cyberman and Krotons in the classical Who series.

Daleks from the episode Revelation of the Daleks (1985)
Daleks from "Revelation of the Daleks" (85)

I have been watching classical Who as a search for better understanding of the series and so the connection with this loss was vivid in mind. Seems a lot of the old faithful gang is leaving us with a cultural void that’s in my opinion not filled. I feel that culture is extremely underestimated and is taken very much for granted. I don’t think many people realise that those things you grew up with watching is forming your life and choices. No matter what it was that stuck with you it will be there always. Culture is so much more than the usual snobbery. Why should so few tell us others what culture is?

I see no reason for that. It’s very much like religion a personal matter, something only you know. Some people share interests and some don’t.

I have to end today’s post with the quotation from my song of the day: Tyr- Shadow of the swastika.

You can shove the sins of your father where no light may pass

and kiss my Scandinavian ass”


Bildorginal av Skunkpirat gjord av Vicky Brämare

Jaha så sitter man i skolan och latjar med photoshop igen då.

Den här bilden är ett orginal från min kompis Vicky som jag latjat lite med bara för att ha något att testa på.  Samtidigt är det ju en bild som ska representera mig så det är mycket passande.  Frågan om jag är nöjd är ganska så komplicerad eftersom jag sällan om någonsin är nöjd med något som jag har gjort. Lite sorgligt med tanke på att jag tycker om att skapa saker men sällan tycker om och visa upp dem.

Jag ser inte fram emot redovisning av projekt. Jag avskyr redovisningar känns ofta som om även om jag har en tanke med saker så försvinner den tanken med mitt usla självförtroende.

Nog med egen analys..


“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust