London part 1-Doctor Who

Yes so I went to the “motherland” for a visit. I might be born,raised and live in Sweden but the heart, the heart is in Britain and most certainly a big chunk has landed itself in the north part of London. I fell in love with Britain so long ago I can’t remember when but I have always had a love for the British way. I know it’s silly most of the time and they have done some very horrid things in the past and present but if people still can love American then I can love Britain. Love is without logic and reasons so I suppose I won’t find any, all I know is that I feel at home on the other side of the North sea.

North London, St Pancras view over Euston road

This will be part 1 of my visit which will not run with time as time is a tricky thing as my hero might say. I decided to make it different parts of the experience instead. So number one is more or less self writing isn’t it, of course it’s Doctor Who.

In Sweden Doctor Who is a subcultural phenomenon since no big channel has taken the series on, SVT(Swedish public service channel)showed the first series (2005) on Fridays at eight(horrible time in my mind) and then the second series was never aired to my knowledge. Torchwood on the other hand aired on another big channel and Sarah Jane adventures aired on the childrens channel at odd times but no more Doctor Who. For me SJA is okay but I didn’t like Torchwood and I really love the Doctor before all other spinoffs so I actually had no choice as not even BBC entertainment (which I pay a lot extra to have) aired the doctor until far later I had to go on the webb.

Doctor Who is a big thing in British television history but also at present inspiring people all over the globe except where I live (a lot of fans here though but no national thing like in the UK and US). I confess I have downloaded all of the Doctor Who episodes I had no choice if I wanted to see them in reasonable time. There’s no legal way to watch it through BBC outside the UK, though my conscious is clear I have almost all the DVD boxes ( I haven’t bought the second series yet but I do have several of the classical series as well), and lots and lots of merchandise. In conclusion I go a bit Doctor Who crazy when I go to London. This is the result of that.

First of for any of you Doctor Who fans there’s a Tardis or a police box (for those boring none childish people) standing outside the Earl’s court underground station. Unfortunately it was raining when I was there but here’s a pic anyways.

Me and the Tardis

Secondly for a Doctor Who fan is to visit some of the many seller of Doctor who merchandise. I shall start with the biggest which is the Forbidden planet megaste. They’re big so they have most things for reasonable prices and some real expensive exclusives and awesome collectable items. I can just browse that shop for hours to look at all the cool figures(on display that I can’t afford) and fun stuff they have a lot more than Doctor Who stuff but I mainly buy Doctor Who items since a lot of the classical collection can’t even be shipped outside the UK.

Forbidden planet megastore 179 Shaftesbury Avenue London

I love Shaftesbury avenue not just because it houses Forbidden planet but because it’s full of fun shops and it’s off the big shopping streets but still smash in the middle of the city. A lot of silly things is hidden away in this back street well worth while to visit. When we visited late June they had a lot of steampunk on display if that ticks your boat and you’re in the area or thinking of visiting London it might be worth your while. This two storey shop always gets a donation from me.

To spice up my Doctor Who shopping I thought it was about time I went and visited the Doctor Who shop which is located in Barking road 39-41 Upton Park near “Boleyn Ground” for those of you who know your English football. Well it’s not exactly just a shop it’s also a museum filled with costumes and things from the series. For those hardcore fans out there this is most certainly worth 3 £ to see. The shop is full of wonderful things both old and new and of course it’s decorated accordingly. It has to be seen not described it was overwhelming to actually walk in a store dedicated to something as fun as the Doctor Who series. Costumes and merchandise I though was long gone was in fact in a shop in Upton park.

The Who shop window 39-40 Barking road Upton Park London

Needless to say I have shopped some Doctor Who stuff and I was delighted to find another Sarah Jane Adventure action figure and I had to buy it in memory of Elisabeth Sladen who passed away earlier this year. I though I’d never find them again but that’s the beauty of a place like The Doctor Who shop that it has a lot of things both newer and older(not always second hand). It’s more expensive than Forbidden planet but they are a megastore chain this is as far as I know a single shop so that is to be expected. Still worth a look who knows you might just find some of your favourite and unusal things here.

The third Doctor who thing to do would be to visit some of the shooting sites in London but I actually didn’t get around to that and anyway I had to drop of all of my shopping at the fabulous hotel we stayed at. Also the persistent heat wave and my cold stopped me going about Greater London. Perhaps that was a good thing, I think it might have been to much of Who things to dedicate my whole trip to this TV series. Next time perhaps, I have to visit Canary Wharf for one thing. Not to mention Cardiff, can’t be a true Doctor Who fan without going to the capital that brought us so many hours of Television entertainment and quarry planets.

That was it for part 1 and until next time.

” I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool”.




The loot will be getting it’s own post later.

Look at some of the cool stuff at The Doctor Who shop museum




Another great actor has passed away…

Another of my favourite English TV-actors has passed away. This time it’s the unforgettable Edward Hardwicke or as I know him Dr Watson that has left us.

from the Granada series Sherlock (Jeremy Brett) and dr Watson (Edward Hardwicke)

I loved the Granada Sherlock Holmes series with Edward and Jeremy Brett. I used to think it was because it was the one I grew up watching but it’s still by far my favourite. I like the interaction between Edward and Jeremy they seem to me very proud to play these roles and do so very much as I imagined Holmes and Watson. Which is so far from today’s “perfect” people.

I had already thought of rereading the books this summer because I’ve had enough of “modern” mystery books they lack a certain well mystery to me. Ok I do have modern favourite mystery writers like Denise Mina but somehow I always end up with those old fashioned books. I tried to modernise my reading but somehow I always end up reading the old classics anyway. I suspect it might be time for me to realise I am a boring old person that actually like those kind of books and read them with great pleasure.

I think this is an apt time to plan another visit to Baker street 221B it’s some time since I was there last. It might be the cutest and most fun museum I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I heartily recommend it and why not take a stroll down Baker street it’s jolly nice if the weather permits.

The Sherlock Holmes museum  (the museum home page)

Taking a break

It’s time for a break from studying, worrying about my boyfriend that’s newly operated in hospital and all other things bombarding my mind.

First of I will pay tribute to the wonderful and inspiring Elisabeth Sladen that sadly passed away on the 19th of April.

 I’m sure we Whoians will miss her immensely but her spirit lives on. She is without a doubt my favourite companion of the Doctor and a personal female inspiration.

Now something a bit more cheerful at least to me. I needed something to cheer me up a bit I thought so I bought two Tim Burton Tragic Toys figurines. I love the book “The melancholy death of Oyster boy and other stories” so it’s only natural that I should collect the figures done after the artwork of that book. Though my absolute favourite Melonhead is not among those figurines. This time I caught Robot boy and  Pin cushion Queen.

This has left me with a new problem finding places to put my new treasure. I am a pirate you know.. I’ll go window shopping and suddenly go “ohhhh shiny” and buy something I like just like that. Very bad of me I must admit, but hey I only live for a short time.  Well my shelves is starting to look over crowded it’s time for new bookcases and that is soon. I have been naughty and bought some more classical literature too, like I didn’t have too many already. Somehow I can’t resist those classical books especially those from the Victorian era, which is also one of my nerdy interests.

 Yes this is my Tragic toy shelves and just my tragic toys. I also have a lot of Doctor who stuff, Death Note, Other Burton and LDD(Living dead dolls) plus some random figures like the crow and Spike from Buffy etc…

Yeah I know how nerdy is this… I might add I have Two Roleplaying games ( Doctor Who, Discworld), a half Warhammer Dark elves army, some LOTR Warhammer figures, a miniature Rugby team (unpainted), an unpainted statue of Damian Lewis as Major Dick Winters from BoB and lots more. And hark… countless pokémon I have both games and toys. I live by the principal not to be that kind of grown-up.

Whatever makes me wake up and out of bed in the morning is an investment so other people might think I am mad and probably as a hatter but you know what, I wouldn’t trade all the fun of all this for anything else. Sure I know it’s only stuff but it’s also inspiration and comfort when you feel yourself slip down to that dark and empty place called despair. So far so good (except I’m out of places to put things).

“I’ve always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they’d still say I’m a dark personality. “

Tim Burton

Yes I am a Whoian and bloody proud of it…

Since most of my nerd things has some or all to do with England or other anglo-speaking nations. I saw it fit to blog in English.

I am first and foremost a Whoian that is my name for someone that is fanatical about Doctor who ( don’t know the correct term since I am not that kind of nerd) and the world that has been created around the series. I most say I am not that excited about Torchwood too much of a secret service American vibe for me. I like the new series but I am not one of those “young ones” that don’t appreciate the tinfoil monsters and bubble-wrap insects of the classical series. The Tom Baker era is great and Jon Pertwee kicks ass (some might recognise the name his son is Sean Pertwee who also is an actor and appeared in Dog soldiers ) I love the ingenuity of low budgets and imagination I think it to be far superior of any computer effect. I admit some computer effects are nice but somehow nowadays people got so lazy that they don’t seem to be able to imagine some things in their own mind. No wonder we need brain training.

Why do I like Doctor Who so much? I’m not really sure there is a simple answer to that but I love the fact that the series is not all that serious and yet at the same time are very serious and address issues and discuss and you don’t realise it until a bit later. The small things the small gestures are something that I have come to fall in love with. It challenges the viewer but not in an direct way. I also like the positivism that the doctor represents, that stubbornness and belief in something that is important in life no matter what you believe in. I think it inspiring especially for someone like me who has throughout childhood been told to smile more and look on the positive side. To me the doctor is not just positive he tries to be but he is not. He’s very human in that way and that’s okay. I don’t like the big alien threat kind of thinking I like the kind caring individual alien thinking. The doctor is not just a time lord he’s the doctor who happens to be one of the time lords very much like his childhood friend and nemesis the master who also happens to be a time lord.

Series 5 and The Christmas special 2010 (titled A Chrismas Carrol)

I was the first one not to believe in Matt Smith as the doctor. I am not at all happy about making everyone on telly younger just to look cool.

I was wrong, as the doctor Matt Smith is brilliant. Bow ties are cool indeed. I like series 5  a lot Moffat is a brilliant writer and he brings a certain kind of vibe to the series something almost Gothic in its suspense. I love that and I am thrilled he got the head writing role. Of course I had to buy the special edition steel box. I love steel boxes I have both band of brothers series in steel boxes and lady vengeance. Steel boxes are cool!


Not much to say about the Christmas special 2010 since I am a huge fan of Dickens, Doctor who and Michael Gambon. I was ecstatic and not disappointed. Love story and flying sharks. What more do you need? *GERONIMO*

A christmas carol

If you need a laugh or dream away to another place, Doctor Who is the series for you.