May 18

I know this post is very late, May has gone and June has begun. But this is a life event far too important not to pen/keyboard down. This has taken about fifteen drafts and eight structural changes before it even had a form. In the end, I disregarded all the rules and wrote this my way. The more emotional, the fewer words I possess even though I have a whole world of things to say inside me. In the spirit of better late than never…

Many might know and some might have guessed already but I like travelling. Especially spontaneously to places I’ve not been before. It’s the very thing to keep you young. It doesn’t have to be a big flash city it can be anywhere. I’ve always felt a bit sad and weird about missing out on Lund. I have been to all of the other old University cities in Sweden. So when I had a reason to go, it kept calling me, I made a real good life decision and went there.

Park in Lund
Every city has its park.

What am I on about? Okay, if you have read my blog before you know I’m big on music, because I don’t need a reason. It’s like writing; it’s a part of me. So of course I went to see a band. No that’s not it at all. I went to see THE band! And I got some snack-delicious treat as added bonus. I’m not talking about band members. Filthy minds! There might be bananas though.

Enough quirkiness! If you read my previous post The Nine, you might remember the “Bands I’d like to see that I haven’t seen yet” list and already know why I went to Lund. First off I had a lovely time getting acquainted with the city.

Lund cathedral
This is the cathedral in Lund. I can’t resist church architecture.
Hemgården the venue for the gig
This is Hemgården.

Then I headed to Hemgården to see Avalinity and Banana Chips do a charity gig to raise money to help with reconstruction due to the recent earthquakes in Japan. Yes Avalinity, finally!! And it was as cosy as it sounds.

First off we were treated to some Banana Chips; they’re an international Shonen Knife-tribute band. I never pass down a chance to hear punk of any kind (except maybe Ska). It’s my roots and it will always have a special place in my heart. Punk never dies and it never truly go out of fashion, nor is it a style you can completely go off. And I liked it very much! How can you not like to hear songs like Cycling is fun, Riding on the Rocket and Banana Chips. Impossible!

The band Banana Chips
Banana Chips. Hard to type when all you hear is Banana Tits, thank you AREKU for that.


You know that feeling when you finally do something you wanted to for far too long and you can’t really grasp that you have, but you’re happy as a hopping bunny inside. It was something like that, except better.

The band Avalinity
Vocals: SaSa
Drums: Fredrik
Bass: K
Guitar: AREKU

It seems that the before gig conditions wasn’t optimal for some band members, SaSa struggled with pollen read her story on her excellent blog and AREKU talks about his preparations in his post. Incidentally they both are more than read-worthy bloggers! I can’t say I noticed much of their struggles which goes to show what real pros they are. And most importantly they have each other. This band breaths teamwork, fun and togetherness. True bliss to see and hear, I did enjoy SaSa’s humour immensely. That makes the experience even more personal.

SaSa and K on stage.
SaSa and K

It’s almost too painful putting words to this day. As much as I don’t wish to diminish anyone, because all of you matter greatly. It would be untrue of me to say this didn’t matter even more to me because of this one precious person.

Some already know I have followed the gentleman, guitarist, photographer and über creator and fixer upper AREKU for quite some time. So long I can’t find when it all started nor imagine my life without his pictures, wisdom and humour to lighten the days. It’s certainly more than two years, is it even three (?), which says very little because it feels like he’s been there my whole life. But we had never met face to face until this magical day.

picture of AREKU guitarist of Avalinity
AREKU  and his B.C Rich “Mockingbird”

Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone and felt like you instantly knew them? It is a most peculiar and amazing feeling. What a heartfelt welcome to a stranger! I can be a bit awkward especially the first time I see someone, even worse if I admire them greatly. It feels like how I always imagine it to be in the presence of a God. You stumble for words, feel like you can’t move, but that bunny sure hops violently inside.

AREKU playing his BC Rich mockingbird
AREKU, heart and attitude.

There hence the lateness of this post, I stand wordless before this precious moment. It took my breath and as I struggle for air, I’ll skip to saying watching AREKU play made me all warm inside. I have seen him play in videos before, not at all the same thing. He plays from the heart and on that beauty of guitar of his. I can hear how he has evolved, which makes me feel oddly proud and humble to have been part of this experience. To be fair, every part of Avalinity give their hearts to what they do and they have all evolved. It’s such a joy to see them shine on that stage.

Avalinity on stage at Hemgården
Avalinity enchanting their audience.
Stelist of Avalinity at hemgården inside a frame
My wall has finally gotten some flair.

Luckiest girl in the world as I am, I got a set list (and a pick)! Thank you AREKU Sweetheart. ❤ It’s now making my white wall so much prettier. A daily reminder of the day I finally met you. And I for one can’t wait for you all to hear the new song Dream Castle.

There seems to be a story in just about everything involving this band, the songs are no exception. I could go on in a forever flow about it. Perhaps that should be saved for a later post. I will mention this one for me special song SIC, because that song still rocks my heart to its very core. I feel very bad about not writing about it at Christmas last when SaSa and AREKU did a very moving acoustic version of this song. This is an extremely late thank you from the depth of my heart. And know that whenever I have felt truly bad I did watch it and it became my cure.

I’ll end this post like that evening on a high and say a hearty thank you to Avalinity and Banana Chips and Hemgården for this great event, it was emotional. I left Lund with a bag of banan chips and bittersweet longing for more. A tell-tale sign of happiness.

May there be many more days like this

night sky.
Goodbye Lund… I want to see your pretty silhouette again

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Yowza!! It’s been too long

It’s been a long time…

Okay, according to the date on this thing I  haven’t written a  free subject blog since last summer! That’s simply distressing. Guess that means the little time I’ve had for random writing has been spent on my Ball Joint Doll stories. That’s not half scary then.  If anyone is interested you can find them on my other blog Isaac’s Dollhouse.

Picture of other blog called Isaaac's Dollhourse
You’re welcome to drop by the pink Dollhouse if that takes your fancy.

What am I up to then?

Not much waiting for new term to begin as I’m going to write another essay this time at what  in Sweden is called D-level. Which usually would make me feel very excited. Right now though I’m unusually perplexed as I have no idea and subject for it. Therefore I’m in searching mood which makes me a tiny bit unsettled. Time keeps running off so I thought let’s write something and maybe I get an idea that I can follow.

Picture of Patrik BatAAr from RISKBREAKER promotion.
My pirate heart skips a beat when it sees this picture of super talented Patrik. Picture belongs to BatAAr.

Apart from that anxiety I’m also looking forward to a trip to Gothenburg, going to check out the town and watch one of my new-found musical loves the art metal band  BatAAr in their hometown.  Looking forward to this very much! Been a while since I found such a musical lover. Why do I like them so much then? Well, they keep me guessing on what is coming next and use so many influences in their music. Guess it’s down to their very talented songwriter Patrik. Okay, so I might also have a slight crush on the vocals of Seb, I like the sort of raw kindness that lives inside his voice, both as clear and growl-like. This is when I realise I do not know the right musical terms for this sort of thing. Anyways, are you curious why don’t you check them out. BatAAr’s Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


A very colourful picture of Gothenburg band BatAAr.
This picture of BatAAr was taken by me with my HTC ONE at Göta Källare 16/2-2014.


Added to this I’m still working on my doll stories of course and taking loads of photos but I thought it better to keep all that in the other blog, instead of boring people to death with my silliness.

Summer reading

Actually this summer I’ve been bad as hell at reading. I think maybe it’s to do with the fact that I have hardly done anything else but read and write this passed academic term, us literary scholars tend to do that. Actually, you get kind of full up in the end. So when I have free time I tend to try and do other creative things. That aside I have been reading some Haruki Murakami Efter mörkrets inbrott (eng. After Dark) in Swedish this time. Not sure which translations I like the best. The Swedish ones are alright it seems but so are the English ones. I usually stay well clear of Swedish translations because they’re not very good, especially not from the Queens English. When it comes to translation from  French and Japanese they’re alright, even good at times. It’s just a lack of effort put into understanding the difference in English I think. And yes of course there are exceptions, as in any walk of life. I’ll probably write something about Murakami again later when I have finished it.


My BJD doll Isaac with Stockholm archipelago in the background.
My ball joint doll Isaac, is watching Stockholm archipelago.

I also managed to get myself a bit of vacation. I actually decided I needed a bit of a change and took the boat to Riga. Glad I did, for it was a treat. You might not think it but I’m rather curious about eastern Europe. I’ve just never done anything about it. As a bit of a vodka enthusiast this enthusiasm does not shock me. Besides it was a perfect place to test the ‘bring your Ball Joint Doll on vacation’ idea. It was great and I got some fun pictures of my Dream of Doll vampire that I need to post on the Dollhouse sight. I just hate edit work so much. Need to bribe myself first.

Picture of the Vanšu Bridge in Riga.
I fell in love with Vanšu Bridge for some reason.

So what is my first impression of the city? Well, I only went into old town so I guess I can’t say anything about the whole place but it made a great impression on me. I do like their bridges (they’ve got five of them) and as far as I went people were calm and friendly which I liked. Of course there’s a bit of rust and some buildings do speak of occupation and war. Still riverside cities seem to have a special place in my heart. I’d love to spend some more time there. I’m quite impressed with the level of English they speak which is very helpful. To me at least old town seemed to be an artists place, which is not a bad thing. I also like contrasts so the war and chaos/peace and tranquillity was intriguing. However there were lots of cars and they do driver like the French in my opinion which is not a compliment. But as soon as you’re off main roads the place become very still and warm. I managed to take a few photos of decaying houses that stood suddenly in the middle of modern buildings just decaying which is both beautiful and a tiny bit scary. Some looked as though they’d come down any minute now


Houses and ruins standing together.
This is one of the safer looking ruins but the contrast of the upmarket Mercedes parked (you see the back of it far left corner) beside ruins gives the impression of surreality in the midst of city life. 

I do have to share my own personal Riga giggle.

Picture of Swedbank building, Saules Akmens.
The Egg-Shard or Shard-Egg! Officially known as the Swedbank headquarters, the building is called Saules Akmens, which means something like Stone of the Sun.

“What is this? I have it! It’s a Egg-Shard” This of course comes from my intimate hate/love  relationship with modern London buildings. And if you’ve been there you might see it too. It actually is the Swedbank headquarters. Well to me it’s a definite Egg-Shard!

So there it is, a tiny update of the tapestry known to me as my life.

Until next time, be safe and remember humans need looking after too.

London part 1-Doctor Who

Yes so I went to the “motherland” for a visit. I might be born,raised and live in Sweden but the heart, the heart is in Britain and most certainly a big chunk has landed itself in the north part of London. I fell in love with Britain so long ago I can’t remember when but I have always had a love for the British way. I know it’s silly most of the time and they have done some very horrid things in the past and present but if people still can love American then I can love Britain. Love is without logic and reasons so I suppose I won’t find any, all I know is that I feel at home on the other side of the North sea.

North London, St Pancras view over Euston road

This will be part 1 of my visit which will not run with time as time is a tricky thing as my hero might say. I decided to make it different parts of the experience instead. So number one is more or less self writing isn’t it, of course it’s Doctor Who.

In Sweden Doctor Who is a subcultural phenomenon since no big channel has taken the series on, SVT(Swedish public service channel)showed the first series (2005) on Fridays at eight(horrible time in my mind) and then the second series was never aired to my knowledge. Torchwood on the other hand aired on another big channel and Sarah Jane adventures aired on the childrens channel at odd times but no more Doctor Who. For me SJA is okay but I didn’t like Torchwood and I really love the Doctor before all other spinoffs so I actually had no choice as not even BBC entertainment (which I pay a lot extra to have) aired the doctor until far later I had to go on the webb.

Doctor Who is a big thing in British television history but also at present inspiring people all over the globe except where I live (a lot of fans here though but no national thing like in the UK and US). I confess I have downloaded all of the Doctor Who episodes I had no choice if I wanted to see them in reasonable time. There’s no legal way to watch it through BBC outside the UK, though my conscious is clear I have almost all the DVD boxes ( I haven’t bought the second series yet but I do have several of the classical series as well), and lots and lots of merchandise. In conclusion I go a bit Doctor Who crazy when I go to London. This is the result of that.

First of for any of you Doctor Who fans there’s a Tardis or a police box (for those boring none childish people) standing outside the Earl’s court underground station. Unfortunately it was raining when I was there but here’s a pic anyways.

Me and the Tardis

Secondly for a Doctor Who fan is to visit some of the many seller of Doctor who merchandise. I shall start with the biggest which is the Forbidden planet megaste. They’re big so they have most things for reasonable prices and some real expensive exclusives and awesome collectable items. I can just browse that shop for hours to look at all the cool figures(on display that I can’t afford) and fun stuff they have a lot more than Doctor Who stuff but I mainly buy Doctor Who items since a lot of the classical collection can’t even be shipped outside the UK.

Forbidden planet megastore 179 Shaftesbury Avenue London

I love Shaftesbury avenue not just because it houses Forbidden planet but because it’s full of fun shops and it’s off the big shopping streets but still smash in the middle of the city. A lot of silly things is hidden away in this back street well worth while to visit. When we visited late June they had a lot of steampunk on display if that ticks your boat and you’re in the area or thinking of visiting London it might be worth your while. This two storey shop always gets a donation from me.

To spice up my Doctor Who shopping I thought it was about time I went and visited the Doctor Who shop which is located in Barking road 39-41 Upton Park near “Boleyn Ground” for those of you who know your English football. Well it’s not exactly just a shop it’s also a museum filled with costumes and things from the series. For those hardcore fans out there this is most certainly worth 3 £ to see. The shop is full of wonderful things both old and new and of course it’s decorated accordingly. It has to be seen not described it was overwhelming to actually walk in a store dedicated to something as fun as the Doctor Who series. Costumes and merchandise I though was long gone was in fact in a shop in Upton park.

The Who shop window 39-40 Barking road Upton Park London

Needless to say I have shopped some Doctor Who stuff and I was delighted to find another Sarah Jane Adventure action figure and I had to buy it in memory of Elisabeth Sladen who passed away earlier this year. I though I’d never find them again but that’s the beauty of a place like The Doctor Who shop that it has a lot of things both newer and older(not always second hand). It’s more expensive than Forbidden planet but they are a megastore chain this is as far as I know a single shop so that is to be expected. Still worth a look who knows you might just find some of your favourite and unusal things here.

The third Doctor who thing to do would be to visit some of the shooting sites in London but I actually didn’t get around to that and anyway I had to drop of all of my shopping at the fabulous hotel we stayed at. Also the persistent heat wave and my cold stopped me going about Greater London. Perhaps that was a good thing, I think it might have been to much of Who things to dedicate my whole trip to this TV series. Next time perhaps, I have to visit Canary Wharf for one thing. Not to mention Cardiff, can’t be a true Doctor Who fan without going to the capital that brought us so many hours of Television entertainment and quarry planets.

That was it for part 1 and until next time.

” I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool”.




The loot will be getting it’s own post later.

Look at some of the cool stuff at The Doctor Who shop museum