Finland’s 99th Independence Day

Today is the independence celebration of one of my motherlands. I started writing something in her honour, about her part in my life. It’s very free flowing and perhaps not even finished yet. Are we ever truly finished with life? If art is an imitation of life, which one can argued about, then this life is still ongoing and so must the art be.


To Finland


The land of  beauty

You taught me to reflect

To appreciate the wonder of nature

The elegance of trees

And the importance of stories

In the still reflection of water


Also land of contrast

I was never truly Swedish

Nor was I Finnish-Swedish

Fell short of both

Not that you ever cared about my roots

Each is the same


You showed me low-key life

That beauty isn’t what they see

It differs from eye to eye and land to land

Some are quiet and that’s how it is

You told to me the stories

That I still carry with me


An adventure to be on your shore

Even if it’s been a long time now

Even if I lost people

Both over there and when I wasn’t at home

I will always look kindly

Upon your land


Malice has always followed me

Whispered in the ears of my beloved

A punishment for needing the quiet

In your bosom, where no one knew my name

Where I cannot speak the language

I lost myself in longing


Your beauty will always be strange to me

I’m but a traveller for you

Your winds will always calm my mind

When the soil under my feet grows cold

I remind myself of your family warmth

Sweating out all the bad


Not really one thing or the other

You keep escaping me

Entrancing with your sweet memories

Of pastry, sausages and laughs

Eating up the moment

And I stop


You brought me music

Led me on the path you wanted me to take

Showed me what I love

Even when boredom claimed me

One day I will return to your land

With my love, in my hand


Show off your beauty

Your pain and broken history

For the ones dearest at heart

I will tell your stories

Make them dream of wonder as I did

Once upon a time as a kid